Thursday, 16 September 2010

A new beginning

My tale takes us back quite a few years...
It was in December, when the snow had fallen and the lakes had frozen ice solid that I and one of the few friends I had at the time, had just quit school for the day and was on our way to my house. The path from the school to my house was not a very long one though one would have to either go around a lake, which was and still is the town's biggest one, or in our case go through it, now don't get any pictures in your head, as I said before it was ice solid so we didn't swim over!
 While walking on the ice my friend was talking about all sorts of stuff, which was probably the case if anyone saw us anywhere - he was the one talking and I was the one listening, I didn't say much back then. While my friend was babbling he got into a very interesting subject - The lore of Warcraft 3. This wasn't a game I was familiar with and it started to sound real interesting to me. The thing I remember most from this day was 'Arthas', the story of the crown prince that fell to a corrupted path. I kept asking questions about it and my interesting for this game grew and grew, he also told me that there was a new game newly released from the same creators called 'World of Warcraft', this was a game you had to pay for every month though and there it ended for me...or so I thought.
Christmas was coming up and I had a very...persuading conversation with my mother about this game and surprisingly she thought it was OK, as long as I payed the game myself. Guess what I got in Christmas present! And my friend too! We were overjoyed and even though I don't remember very well I can't imaging it taking many hours before I sat there, creating my very first character, a human priest... though he got screwed later and deleted, it still was my first.
What was your first character? Do you still play it or did you like me delete him/her?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

And so it begins...

So, my name is Kristoffer and I've played the game 'World of Warcraft' for more than five years now, it'll be six next winter. I'm proud to call myself a veteran by now even though it hasn't been hardcore playing all the way through, it has at least been playing all the way through - meaning I haven't taken any serious breaks where I've stopped paying for it. Myself and some friends agree upon that we veterans that has payed so much for this game with both time and money should get something from Blizzard, like an achievement, mount or anything unique, what do you guys think? Maybe a tabard or rank? Nevertheless, write what you'd like to get if you are/were a veteran player!

So I thought I'd tell you how it all started for me, how I found my way to 'World of Warcraft' so early but I think I'll start that story in my next blog entry, which shouldn't be long until I post.

What I'd like to hear though would be what you readers would like to read or know about and I'd happily take that into consideration for my future entries. Until then, bye!